Privacy Policy

We do not collect information where we can help it.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Information we store about you

From logs

When you visit this website our servers records the visit in a log. The log contains the following information:

  • the time at which you visited the site
  • which page you visited
  • a string that describes the type of web browser you use
  • the IP address you made the request from

We store these logs for a month. After the month is up we delete them. The logs allow us to detect when things are not working as expected. For example if our web server is not configured right, or pages are missing.

From Slack

The WaterCooler is a Slack bot that you add to your organizations Slack workspace. When doing so you grant it the permission to:

  • List all public channels
  • List all members of public channels
  • Retrieve public profile information about channel members
  • Determine whether someone is online or not
  • Receive instant messages sent to the WaterCooler bot

The WaterCooler periodically checks whether someone is online or not. This information is stored and used to determine whether someone should be scheduled for socials, as well as what the optimal time is to schedule social calls.

Additionally, the WaterCooler stores a history of which social pairings it has made in the past. This is to ensure that everyone gets an even pairing of social partners, and do not end up talking to the same person day in and day out.

The information gathered from Slack is exclusively used for the purposes described above, and deleted within 60 days of collection.

No information is ever shared with third parties.

When deleting the WaterCooler bot (whether through Slack itself or through the settings page of the WaterCooler app) all the data associated with your workspace and its members is automatically deleted. If you additionally want to have the user account you created when signing up for the bot deleted, please email

Likewise, if you would like a copy of the data kept about you in the system, or would like to amend the data (as per your GDPR given rights), please write

Ackee: Visitor analytics

To get information about the behavior of our visitors, DoNoHarm use Ackee. This analytics software gives us insight about our visitors only in general, but not about individuals per se, as it does not track visitors and does not store any personal identifiable information. You can read their documentation if you are interested in learning more about what Ackee collects.