Cookies at DoNoHarm

No analytics or tracking cookies

Note that we, as specified in the privacy policy, track page visits, which is to say that we count how many times a specific page on our website is visited.

Typically a provider such as Google Analytics is used for this. Such tools can be quite intrusive and collect a wide range of information about you as a users of a website. We have opted not to do this. Instead we use a tool called Ackee. It does not rely on cookies for tracking, and is in fact incapable of remembering or tacking you across multiple visits to the same page. Furthermore this tool is self-hosted (that is to say it is hosted and run by DoNoHarm) and no data is shared with third-parties.

Other cookies

DoNoHarm does not make use of any other cookies.

We do not collect information where we can help it.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at