Privacy Policy

We do not collect information where we can help it.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Information we store about you

From logs

When you visit this website our servers records the visit in a log. The log contains the following information:

  • the time at which you visited the site
  • which page you visited
  • a string that describes the type of web browser you use
  • the IP address you made the request from

We store these logs for a month. After the month is up we delete them. The logs allow us to detect when things are not working as expected. For example if our web server is not configured right, or pages are missing.

Ackee: Visitor analytics

DoNoHarm applications use Ackee for visitor analytics.

Ackee is an analytics solution (hosted by DoNoHarm) that does not track personal information or use tracking cookies. It merely tracks which page a user visits, when, and where they came from. Ackee goes as far as to ensure that I cannot correlate your visits should you come back to my sites again, not am I able to identify you, track you across different websites, or otherwise tie you browsing or usage habits back to you as an individual or user of my applications.


Do No Harm does not make use of any cookies.